Jimmy Carter, Former President of the United States

“The more you try to help other people, the better and more enjoyable life you will have yourself.”

Public exhibit in New York City

For: Maturing Inside Out Project

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Matthias Hollwich, Architect

“When you design buildings and cities through the lens of older people, you design better places for everyone.”

Fanny Karst, Fashion Designer

“If I have a show or a presentation, I first create a film or story centered around one particular woman. These inspirational women are often those labeled by society as ‘old.’”

Mãe Nega, Spiritual Leader

"Sometimes, it takes 15 years to complete your seventh year of learning.”

Wrinkles of the City, Art Installation by JR & José Parlá

“The stories of walls are the memories of society.”

In this first issue, we explore the broad concept of maturing, considering the growth and change of people, societies, and ideas with the passing of time. Our articles explore the experiences of people who have dedicated their lives to peace and to human rights, people who preserve the religious or culinary histories of their community groups, and people who design housing and community gathering places. All are people who are improving the lives of others. We have gathered their unique stories together in one place to inspire our readers to challenge preconceived notions of “growing up” and “growing old” and consider the role of time and maturing in our own lives.

Launching early 2018

Issue 2 – For: Belonging

Our second issue will focus on individuals who help people find community, exploring how location and culture affect a sense of belonging. We are currently accepting queries. Contact Us if you are interested in contributing.

Spring 2018

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